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Personal coaching for high achieving people pleasers seeking purpose


Do you put everyone else's needs first?

Thank you for caring so much. You are a deeply kind and empathetic person and we need more of those in the world! The most amazing thing about humans like us is our drive to contribute to the world and create something greater than ourselves. We tend to have a lot to give, high self-awareness, and want to make the biggest positive impact we can. 

And...putting everyone else's needs first likely means you're saying yes to everything and perpetually stretching yourself really thin. And ironically, the impact is the exact opposite of what we want: we are often dropping balls and having to back out of things last minute which is not how we - at least I - want to be.

The thing is, underneath all of this, we're often not clear on what we want and that has a consequence with the people we engage with. No matter how hard we try to please others it doesn't create the depth of relationships and impact we really want to have.  


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You are enough

What if you  are actually more than enough? What if it's how you relate to yourself and others that's getting in the way?

If you're here, it's because you're ready to look within to discover who you really are, outside of self-doubt and judgement.

If you're lacking a clear vision on exactly what it is you want and how to get there, I can help.

Let's explore the deeper meaning of your life where you trust yourself and your own guidance. 

My approach is customized for what you want and how you work, think, and operate best. The general format is meeting 1:1 weekly and in that structure we will explore where you're at, what's in your way, and how to move forward. You'll leave each session with practices to turn new awarenesses into action over the following week.



Hi, I'm Fannie! 

I've always loved connecting deeply with people. It brings me so much joy to support others to get out of their own way and move closer to a life filled with awe, delight, and full expression.


By traditional definitions of success - getting straight As in school, getting into a top tier college (Stanford), getting promotions year over year to become a manager at work (Coursera, silicon valley start up), and making more than enough money - I was crushing it. For all my "high achievement" I was pretty miserable. Over time I realized that much of what I was doing was externally driven including my definition of "success." 

I've always loved being intentional about my life and outlook. At Stanford I took and then TAed Designing Your Life, a course that promotes a life by design. Through adversity and life circumstance, a decade later I found and enrolled in a life coaching program with Accomplishment Coaching, an organization accredited by the International Coaching Federation, that supports transformation and living life by design. I am now a certified ontological life coach on the leadership team of Accomplishment Coaching who lives this work. 

Through coaching, I experienced profound shifts in my relationship to myself that had ripples into all my other relationships and career. When I connected myself and my choices to people pleasing, it started to give me access to other places I could choose from and quite quickly I could let go of my self doubt and self judgement and get connected with my needs and purpose. I want that for you too. I want to help you get out of the exhausting cycle of constantly running around for everyone and everything and into the joy of knowing and bringing your purpose. It IS possible.

Fannie Watkinson Coaching
Personal Coaching

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